Welcome to the blog! I am celebrating ONE YEAR of Chronically Juliann. What a year it has been. At the inception of this blog I was in the middle of a month long stay in the hospital. I was admitted for severe high ostomy output that was dehydrating me. Upon discharge I had a mediport that would sustain my life for the next 9 months. IV fluids, TPN, and frequent rounds of antibiotics became necessary to survive. My strength dwindled rapidly until I required a walker. In an attempt to get a diagnosis and accurate treatment we moved to California. Leaving our home in Alabama during a pandemic was frightening. But I was properly treated for CDiff and improved greatly over several weeks. I still am struggling with IBD symptoms, but am managing it on an outpatient basis. I no longer suffer from chronic dehydration. I even got to have my port removed! I am truly enjoying life in a new way now.

One thing I strive to do with this blog is teach about ostomies, give advice about living with chronic illness, and offer my perspective on overcoming hardships. In order to continue teaching I have decided to start vlogging again too!

Today’s video answers some of the most frequently asked questions I get about an ostomy (by way of my best friend Chloe.) I hope you learn from it, whether you are someone who is getting an ostomy in the future or someone just wanting to learn about a weird medical thing.

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