What’s in my bag?

They say you can tell a lot about a girl from the contents of her purse, I have to agree! If you searched through my purse you’d discover I have an obsession with lipstick, often carrying more than four shades at a time. My family tells the story that by the age of 6 I would carry a purse filled only with ridiculous amounts of lip glosses and flavored chapstick. (I obviously had my priorities right as a kid.)

If you looked through my purse you would also discover that I am an ostomate, the term for someone with an ostomy. I carry a small bag with the essentials I would need for an emergency change. Having this bag handy has saved me from some embarrassing moments. Not having it has also cost me… Although accidental bag leaks aren’t common daily, they do happen often enough to warrant needing extra ostomy supplies with you.

I carry several types of ostomy bags with me for different reasons. Most importantly is that your ostomy will not behave the same every day and in every situation. You may need to view your stoma for a doctors appointment or when sick, therefore a transparent bag is more fitting. You may want a petite bag for under the great dress you bought!

Find out more about what is in my emergency ostomy bag in my new video.

Things I carry in my ostomy bag that were not included in that video include an ostomy cover, a small quantity of my medications, and medical grade scissors.

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