My enchanted 28th unicorn birthday ♡

This has been a hard year with a lot of pain and struggle. But it also has brought so much adventure, change, and perspective too. Part of our reasoning for moving to California was to have my family support system closer. We have really leaned on each other in this season and it has brought us closer.

I wanted to bring my immediate family together to celebrate my birthday. I wanted to have something simple, yet fun. I wanted a party with a cute theme and lots of games. So I decided on a 🦄 unicorn theme party! It is so popular right now I knew I would be able to find inexpensive decorations and games. I was right… thanks to the Dollar Tree, Target’s low prices, and some thrifty repurposing of things the decorating was cheap and easy.

I started by selecting an inexpensive, plastic, colorful tablecloth to cover my coffee table with. I threw some confetti on the table and suddenly the room was transformed.

Most importantly on this table are my goodie bags. I included unicorn trinkets, toys, puzzles, lipgloss, pens with huge puff balls on top, and a new fashionable mask in each bag. (Hello pandemic safety!) I made the bag even more special by writing every person invited a card thanking them for their influence on my life.

I found a few fun games to play but wanted more activities to cover the whole party. So I decided to have a name tag station at the entrance of the party. Only guests wrote down their ‘Unicorn Name’.

I made a list of random words related to unicorns to create funky names. Truthfully it was harder than I thought to create this document. I wanted every possible mixture to make sense or be cute. Some of my favorites were mine Enchanted Mythical Dreamcatcher and Will’s Whimsical Wild Myth. ☆

My niece with her unicorn name

I purchased a cake with sparkles and added these adorable, glitter candles. However, I did not light them as to avoid germs on the cake.

I also found this adorable piñata from Target. I had so much fun picking out eclectic pieces to keep with the unicorn theme.

Our charming front yard served as a perfect backdrop for photos, dining, and games.

I purchased the game “Unicorn Ring Toss.” We laughed for a ridiculous amount of time during this game. There is something so entertaining about looking ridiculous.

The goal of the game is to get the 3 rings on the other persons horn.

I am so thankful for my beautiful family. I am impressed with their positive attitudes and joy. It was a treat to celebrate with them.

Deadpool unicorn brother in laws

Thank you for every person who wished me a happy day. I am starting 28 feeling stronger, more powerful, and more unique than ever before.

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