Let’s Celebrate 🌎 World Ostomy Day

Hooray! It’s World Ostomy Day!

October 3rd ostomates and caregivers celebrate our life saving surgeries and the subsequent devices that sustain us. Whether you are a full barbie butt, like me, or only experience an ostomy for a short time before a j-pouch, I celebrate you and your journey.

What I’ve gained most from my ostomy is confidence. Both in the sense that I am no longer fearful of having a major accident in public, but also my body image has improved.

I struggled with body dysmorphia for most of my life and thought the bag would make that so much worse. But truthfully, it opened my eyes to see just how powerful my body is. To still be standing after going through so much trauma, pain, and change is a true miracle. So instead of punishing my body with harsh words, I filled my heart with gratitude for myself instead. The love I have for my body now is directly because of my ostomy surgery.

I celebrate the journey!
I celebrate how far I’ve come!
And now I celebrate my body!

Here’s to all of us who have continued to fight to survive. I hope you see your value and worth every single day.

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