Pictures at a pumpkin patch

Julian, CA 10/25/20

I am two weeks out of surgery and was in need of some fresh air! After nearly 20 days inside a hospital sunshine is exactly what the doctor ordered. So Will and I drove to Julian, CA to find a pumpkin patch.

Funny story, at our house in San Diego it was sunny and 73 degrees. As we drove through the mountains we discovered the temperature had dropped by nearly 30 degrees, it started raining, and we were in a wind advisory area. Safe to say we changed our plans and drove right back down the mountain.

Hope was not lost yet, though, as we neared the end of the road there was a huge pumpkin patch and corn maze with available parking! Even more importantly it was significantly warmer and not raining. So we pulled out the camera and found our way through a maze of corn.

It was wonderful spending the afternoon with my husband. Throughout the hospitalization we were not able to see each other. COVID19 rules dictated no guests were allowed.

Truthfully, it took a toll on our relationship. We had started getting into routines and using coping mechanisms that didn’t involve the other person in order to survive. While it was necessary to get through the battle of surgery, it was damaging.

Even when I got home things felt harder than usual in our relationship. Normal, easy conversation felt like work. I could feel us getting frustrated with each other easily. We also would miscommunicate about minor things then find ourselves in a full argument minutes later.

Luckily, we addressed our issues head on. We both came to each other wanting to improve. Through dedicated time together, increased intimacy, and special dates just for us, we discovered the fun of each other again. We realized the really stressful and traumatic experience we just went through had the ability to pull us apart, but instead we dug in deeper and worked harder to have a fulfilling relationship.

You can see the joy in these photos and the love that we share for each other. I am grateful for a partner who will follow me around with a camera because it brings me happiness to have great pictures. I am also grateful for a partner who supports me through the hard days in order to celebrate the special ones.

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